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Like the troubadours of old, Steve Northeast has travelled the world singing his songs that tell tales of life – what he sees around him and what he’s experienced himself.


In true 'make it here, make it anywhere' fashion, Australian born singer/songwriter Steve Northeast relocated to New York City in 2002. Honing his craft and pursuing musical stardom in NYC venues, where he first gained prominence with the release of his debut album Inside. Now residing in Laguna Beach California he continues to write, record and perform.

Steve Northeast writes more than just lyrics to melodies, he writes stories about the real world and real life that everyone and anyone can relate to.


Northeast's highly anticipated follow-up Another Day, a 10-track dynamo of 'raw and powerful' songs serve as testament to Northeast's evolutionary path to song writing and sheer musicality. Steve’s sophomore effort, Another Day, is a very modern sounding album that blends his intense lyrical content with great musicianship into a variety of radio friendly songs that also come across live.


While Inside introduced us to the travels and life’s journey of this gifted troubadour, Another Day gives us a deeper look into the heart and mind of a poet.


One can only wonder where Steve Northeast’s song writing and performing talents will take us next. Someplace special, no doubt.

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