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Steve Northeast was born in Melbourne, Australia, surrounded by art and artists across countless genres.


Artistic expression was inevitable for Northeast. His style is as natural as his instinctive approach, allowing the brush to cross the canvas driven by deep emotion and the underlying aggression of the everyday man negotiating the demands of modern daily life, while trying to retain his sense of self and a primal connection with his place on earth.


His skill is concise yet fluid, coming from the heart. Though immersed in the urban madness of New York, the innocent childhood peace of 1980s Australia has never been far from his mind and this is reflected in many of his works. Compelled by an internal desire and a passion to create, his use of colour and texture is thought-provoking and lingers long after contemplation, allowing the collector to derive his/her own interpretation.


His works explore an internal voice seeking a break away from the confines of life’s mechanics. Though seemingly arbitrary, his deliberate use of colour and texture creates a subtle yet intentionally unsettling vibration that emanates from his work and resonates within its viewers. This thought-provoking response grows when the pieces are observed in differing light and take on new and unexpected characteristics.


The abstract nature of his work fueled by raw emotion draws intrigue and reflection from those who appreciate it. Northeast works predominantly in acrylic on canvas or oil on canvas. ​


Now residing in Laguna Beach, California and dividing his time between America and Australia, Steve Northeast continues to sell his paintings worldwide whilst also writing, recording and performing his original music. Northeast loves being connected to America and Australia and is proud to be a citizen of both countries as they have given him wonderful opportunities in life, whether it be his music or art.


Available for commercial and Fine Art commissions. All paintings are one-off original works. Artwork rental is also available.


Please connect with Northeast at

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